After-hours plunge|Sun Zhengyi made another failed investment!

10 August 2023 ❤ 0
After-hours plunge|Sun Zhengyi made another failed investment!

After-hours plunge|Sun Zhengyi made another failed investment!

Sun Zhengyi, the founder of Chinese tech giant Tencent, has made yet another failed investment. On Tuesday, shares of the Hong Kong-listed company China Resources Land Ltd. (CR Land) plunged more than 10% in after-hours trading after Suns investment arm, Tencent Investment, announced it had sold its entire stake in the company.

The news sent shockwaves through the market as investors scrambled to assess the impact of Suns decision on CR Lands future prospects. The company is one of Chinas largest real estate developers and has been a major beneficiary of Beijings efforts to stimulate the economy through infrastructure spending and other measures.

Tencent Investment had acquired a 5% stake in CR Land in 2018 for HK$3 billion (US$387 million). The stake was seen as a strategic move by Sun to diversify his investments beyond Tencent and into other sectors such as real estate. However, it appears that Sun has now decided to cut his losses and exit the investment.

The news comes at an awkward time for Sun as he is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Chinese regulators over his control of Tencent. The Chinese government has accused him of violating anti-monopoly laws by using his influence over Tencent to gain an unfair advantage over competitors. Sun has denied any wrongdoing and is fighting the charges in court.

It remains unclear why Sun decided to sell his stake in CR Land at this time but it could be related to his ongoing legal troubles or simply a case of bad timing given the current economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Suns latest investment move has not gone according to plan and investors are now left wondering what will happen next.


中國科技巨頭騰訊的創始人孫正義又一次失敗的投資。周二,香港上市公司中國資源地產有限公司(CR Land)的股票在盤後交易中下跌逾10%,此前孫正義旗下的騰訊投資宣布已將其持有的全部股份出售。

這一消息引發了市場上的衝擊波動,各方都急忙估量孫正義這一舉動對CR Land未來前景的影響。 該公司是中國最大的房地產開發商之一,也是北京通過基礎設施開發和其他舉措來刺激經濟的主要受益者。

2018年,騰訊投資以30億港元(合3.87億美元)的價格佔有CR Land 5%的股份。 該舉動被視為孫正義將其投資從騰訊多元化到房地產等行業的戰略性舉動。 然而,似乎孫正義已選定離開這一投資並承受了相關代價。

這一新闻來得很不合適,因為孫正義目前正與中國監管機關就他對騰訊的控制權而展開法律之戰。 中國官方認定他利用對騰訊的影響力來對競爭者不公平競��而違反了反壟斷法。 孫正義否認有任何不當行徑並正在法庭上作出回敬。

目前尚不明朗孫正���何故選定在這一特定时刻出售CR Land所佔有之部分而無法明斷是否與他日盛況勢之法律卷宗有關或者是因新冠狀緝力式所張力所張力所張力所張力所張力所張力所張力所張力所張力所張力所帶來之當前不明朗性情形而作出如是之决定。 無狀狀狀狀狀狀狁無狁無狁無狁無狁無狁無狁無狁無狁無狁無狁焪情形如何 , 孫 正 義 本 次 投 資 軑 划 明 非 向 預 期 的 方 向 發 屏 , 折 青 現 園 時 ~ 是 否 會 有 下 一 步 讓 攝 買 家擔心 不已 。

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