History of China   

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History of China   

 pre-1600 bc China is planned largely by myths and ancient proof. The earliest china 1600 221 bc the greatest era was 221 bc 1912 ad from chinas alliance under qin rule until the end of the Qing dynasty. the republic of china era was from 1912 until 1914 and the modern china era from 1914 until the present day.                                                         PREHISTORIC CHINA UP TO ABOUT 1600 BC Without any authentic ancient records most of what has been pieced together about ancient life in china comes from speculation about social activity at archeological sites and uncovered remains. the rest comes from what might be truth within Chinese religion. 公元前1600年以前的中國歷史中國在很大程度上是根據神話和古老的證據來規劃的。中國最早的公元前1600 221年是秦統治下的中國聯盟的公元前221年(公元前1912年),直到清朝結束。中華民國時代是1912年至1914年,而現代中國時代是1914年至今。大約公元前1600年的史前中國沒有任何真實的古代記錄,關於中國古代生活的大部分整理都來自對考古遺址和未發現遺骸的社會活動的猜測。其餘的來自中國宗教中的真理      

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