The water situation is suffering in the south of Hsinchu

02 March 2021 ❤ 5
The water situation is suffering in the south of Hsinchu

The water situation on February 25 in the south of Hsinchu in Chiayi and Tainan is suffering and in need of help. There was an orange light signal suggesting that the water condition was reducing in terms of supply. By the 2nd of March at 8 am there were 7 significant reservoirs in the south of Hsinchu that had lost a very significant amount of water, and their water storage rate was slowly approaching 10%. Hsinchu has many technology factories which use water trucks to ensure that the production capacity is met. But according to the ever-approaching season of spring the level of rainfall is falling and this is affecting the water levels. 

As of 8 am on the 2nd of March the Hsinchu Baoer Reservoir’s water storage was at 12.9%, and the Miaoli Yongheshan Reservoir was at 12.8%, Liyutan Reservoir at 15.8%,  Miaoli Mingde Reservoir at 11.0%  and so on and so forth. The reservoirs (Hsinchu, Miaoli, and Taichung) provide water for the people living in that area, for agriculture and for industrial use. 

All but the 7 main reservoirs lost water, their water storage has fallen under the 10% mark, which is very drastic, the main reservoirs in the Jia, Nan, Zhang, Tou and Yun areas. The reservoirs that were hit were, Hushan Reservoir, Renyitan Reservoir, Sun Moon Lake Reservoir, Nanhua Reservoir, and Wushantou Reservoir are some of the troubling reservoirs. 

According to information from the Spring Climate Outlook that was sourced from the Central Meteorological Bureau on the 23rd of February, the temperature for the coming season is expected to be normal or close to normal. Regarding the rainfall, the spring rain is estimated to be lacking and will be lower than normal and will only sometimes be normal. The water situation will take time to improve short term, so the people will need to save water. 

By I. Bey

  2月25日,嘉义和台南新竹以南的水资源状况正在遭受苦难,需要帮助。有一个橙色的灯光信号表明供水方面的水质正在下降。到3月2日上午8点,新竹南部有7个重要的水库失水了很多,其储水率逐渐接近10%。新竹市有许多技术工厂,这些工厂使用水车来确保满足生产能力。但是根据春季不断接近的季节,降雨水平正在下降,这正在影响水位。 截至3月2日上午8点,新竹宝儿水库的储水量为12.9%,苗栗永和山水库的储水量为12.8%,鲤鱼潭水库的储水量为15.8%,苗栗明德水库的储水量为11.0%,依此类推。这些水库(新竹,苗栗和台中)为该地区的居民,农业和工业用水提供水。 除7个主要水库外,其他所有水库均失水,其储水量已降至10%以下,这是非常严重的,主要水库位于贾,南,张,头和云地区。受到冲击的水库包括虎山水库,任一滩水库,日月潭水库,南华水库和巫山头水库。 根据2月23日从中央气象局获得的《春季气候展望》的信息,预计下一季节的温度将是正常的或接近正常的。关于降雨,估计春季降雨不足,春季降雨将低于正常水平,有时仅是正常水平。短期用水状况将需要时间来改善,因此人们将需要节水。 由I.Bey

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The water situation is suffering in the south of Hsinchu

The water situation in the south of Hsinchu is dire. The area has been suffering from a lack of water for some time now, and the situation is only getting worse. The government needs to take action to ensure that the people in this area have access to clean and safe drinking water. It is essential that they take steps to conserve and protect the water resources in this region.

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