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Doraemon, a cat-like robot of the 22nd century, is a fictitious character in the Japanese anime series.  He has a four-dimensional pocket with a lot of gadgets. This cat robot travels to the 22nd century to help a boy named Nobita who always gets poor grades. The first full series of Doraemon was published in January 1970.
In addition to this, the story revolves around Nobita, Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka Minamoto who is Nobita’s closest friend and becomes his future wife. They have a baby boy named Nobisuke Nobi in the future. Doraemon uses many gadgets such as Bamboo-copter, anywhere door, Time Kerchief, Translator, etc. to help Nobi.  ra啦A夢
機器貓啦A夢是22世紀的貓形機器人,是日本動漫系列中的虛構人物。他有一個帶有多個小物件的三維口袋。這隻貓機器人前往22世紀,幫助一個名叫大雄的男孩,他的學習成績總是很差。 Do啦A夢的第一個完整系列於1970年1月出版。
除此之外,故事還圍繞著大雄的最親密的朋友並成為他未來的妻子的大雄,吉安,蘇尼奧和靜本靜香。他們將來有一個男生叫Nobisuke Nobi。 ra啦A夢使用許多小玩意,例如Bamboo-copter,隨處可見的門,Time Kerchief,Translator等,來幫助Nobi。

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