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Trade Union chairmen had resigned

07 March 2021 ❤ 10
Trade Union chairmen had resigned

Wu Miner, one of the primary chairmen of the well known Trade Union has resigned after she was suspected of violating the "Hong Kong National Security Law"  because she had supposedly participated in some of the democratic party elections last year, this news has come as a shock to many and is very disheartening. 

The Trade Union said that they had found out from Wu Miners representing Lawyer that Wu Miner has decided to resign as chairman and will remain only as a general executive committee member, so although she will be gone as a chairman she will still remain active in another position. Today the Trade Union has sent a representative to the Correctional Faculty so that they can visit Wu Miner, this is so that she can officially confirm all the decisions she has decided to make, once this is done the process of her being removed will start. 

The Trade Union has said that for them and for Wu Miner that the heartbreaking decision is very difficult, and after struggling and rethinking her decision she has decided that she must resign. Then after some more detailed discussions with her lawyer and the Trade Union, they have as a team lead the Trade Union to fully understand and support her choices and decisions. 

The Trade Union has stated that the one and only Wu Miner is a very close comrade, and she will be missed, they have thanked her dearly for her selfless acts, dedication and many sacrifices she has made for the labour movement when she was part of the chairman team. 

Wu Miner and the other forty six chairmen who participated in the primary election of the democratic party last year have all be accused of subverting state power, and the court has rejected their application for bail. 

By I. Bey

  著名工会总主席之一吴敏儿因涉嫌参加去年的一些民主党选举而涉嫌违反《香港国家安全法》后辞职。震惊许多人,令人非常沮丧。 工会说,他们从代表律师的吴矿工身上发现,吴矿工已决定辞去董事长职务,并将仅继续担任常务委员会委员,因此尽管她将辞去董事长职务,但仍将继续活跃于另一位董事长。位置。今天,工会已派遣代表到惩教所,以便他们可以访问吴敏儿,以便她可以正式确认她决定做出的所有决定,一旦这样做,她的被遣散的程序便会开始。 工会已经表示,对于他们和对吴敏纳而言,令人心碎的决定非常困难,在对自己的决定进行努力和重新考虑之后,她决定必须辞职。然后,在与她的律师和工会进行了更详细的讨论之后,他们作为一个团队带领工会充分理解并支持她的选择和决定。 工会表示,唯一的伍敏纳是一位非常亲密的战友,她会被怀念的,他们非常感谢她的无私举止,奉献精神和她为参加劳工运动所做的许多牺牲。主席团队。 去年参加民主党初选的吴敏儿和其他四十六位主席全都被指控颠覆国家政权,法院驳回了他们的保释申请。 由I.Bey

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