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Who is not aware of pokemon? These tiny cute little creatures characterized in a cartoon series are worldwide famous. In Japan, they are also known as pocket monsters. The pokemon company was founded by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. However, the official franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri. The cartoon series is aimed at fictional characters are obviously known as “Pokemon”, they are caught and trained by their masters as per the cartoon series. The English slogan for this cartoon series goes as “Gotta catch them all”. The pokemon franchise includes the globally selling top toy brand, manga comics, anime series a theme park, music, merchandise. 寵物小精靈
誰不知道寵物小精靈?這些卡通系列中的小巧可愛的小動物享譽全球。在日本,它們也被稱為口袋妖怪。寵物小精靈公司是由任天堂,Game freak和Creatures創立的。但是,官方特許經營是由Tajiri Satoshi創建的。該卡通系列針對的是虛構人物,顯然被稱為“口袋妖怪”,按照卡通系列,他們的主人會抓住並訓練他們。這個卡通系列的英文口號是“必須抓住一切”。寵物小精靈的特許經營權包括全球暢銷的頂級玩具品牌,漫畫漫畫,動漫系列,主題公園,音樂和商品。

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