Anping Jiaotou Chen Jianwen farewell ceremony and 6 arrested

01 April 2021 ❤ 5
Anping Jiaotou Chen Jianwen farewell ceremony and 6 arrested

Chen Jianwen in Anpingjiaotou was shot and killed by his younger brother Cai Bingyi on February 23 who was a former police officer, his nickname was "Shrimp".  Today it is estimated that around 3,00 people had come to the farewell ceremony which was held at the scenery.  In order to stop future gangster attacks, the Taiwan City Police Department created a force of 600 policemen. These 600 policemen were on guard in 11 sub-bureau, this police force is the largest police force in all of Taiwanshistory. By 10 in the evening around 6 wanted criminals were arrested and 85 minors were also seized. 
Chen Jianwen’s sad farewell ceremony began early in the morning at 10 am. Many people attended from all of the counties and all of the cities in Taiwan. The entire ceremony was very grand, the Tiandao League leader Tieba Zeng Yingfu, the Sun chairman Huang Junjie, and the two gangs the Four Seas Gang and the Zhulian Gang all sent people and members to attend the ceremony and pay their respects. 
By I. Bey 
  2月23日,安平郊头的陈建文被其弟蔡炳义开枪打死,弟弟蔡炳义曾是一名警官,绰号为“虾”。今天,据估计大约有3,00人参加了在风景秀丽的欢送会。为了制止今后的黑帮袭击,台湾市警察局成立了一支由600名警察组成的部队。这600名警察在11个分局处于警戒状态,这是台湾历史上规模最大的警察部队。到晚上10点,大约有6名通缉犯被捕,还逮捕了85名未成年人。 陈建文的悲伤的告别仪式在清晨10点开始。台湾所有县和城市都有许多人参加。整个仪式非常隆重,天道同盟会长曾巴,铁巴曾荫权,孙主席黄俊杰以及两个帮派“四海帮”和“朱连帮”都派人和成员参加了仪式并表示敬意。 由I.Bey

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