Cardinals to keep Kyler Murray on PUP list, cut Colt McCoy - ESPN

04 January 2024 ❤ 3
Cardinals to keep Kyler Murray on PUP list, cut Colt McCoy - ESPN

Cardinals to Keep Kyler Murray on PUP List, Cut Colt McCoy - ESPN

The Arizona Cardinals have decided to keep quarterback Kyler Murray on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list and cut veteran quarterback Colt McCoy, according to ESPNs Adam Schefter. The move comes as the Cardinals prepare for their season opener against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Murray, the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, has been dealing with a hamstring injury since early August. He was limited in practice last week and did not participate in any team drills. The Cardinals had hoped that he would be able to return in time for the season opener but it appears that they have decided to err on the side of caution and keep him on the PUP list until he is fully healthy.

McCoy was signed by the Cardinals this offseason after spending last year with Washington. He was expected to provide veteran leadership and serve as a backup for Murray but it appears that Arizona has decided to go with rookie Brett Hundley as their backup quarterback instead. Hundley has been impressive in preseason action and has earned the trust of head coach Kliff Kingsbury and his staff.

The decision to keep Murray on the PUP list is a wise one as it will give him more time to heal from his hamstring injury without having to rush back onto the field too soon. It also allows Hundley more time to get comfortable with Kingsburys offense before having to step into a game situation if needed. The Cardinals are hoping that Murray will be able to return soon so they can get their offense rolling at full speed but until then they will have faith in Hundley as their backup quarterback.

香港版: 亞利桑那紅雀隊已決定將排球員凱勒·默里(Kyler Murray)留在身體無法執行(PUP)名單上,並根據ESPN的亞當·舍弗特(Adam Schefter)斷定削減經驗豐富的排球員科特·麥考伊(Colt McCoy)。此舉是為了讓紅雀隊能夠在周日對上舊金山49人隊的季後賽開幕戰作好準備。



將凱勒·默里留在PUP名單上是明智之舉,因此他可以有更多的時間來康復扭傷而不必急於返回球場。這也使亨德利有機會在不用進入實戰情況之前對金斯伯里的戰術感到親近。 紅雀隊希望凱勒·默里能夠早日回歸使其攻勢能夠充分運作但是目前卻必需依賴於亨德利作為後備球員。

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