U.S. property prices hit a new high|NVDAs performance is sure to be good|Kuaishou Baidu performed well in the last quarter ...

30 August 2023 ❤ 2
U.S. property prices hit a new high|NVDAs performance is sure to be good|Kuaishou Baidu performed well in the last quarter ...

U.S. Property Prices Hit a New High

The U.S. housing market has been on a tear in recent months, with property prices hitting a new high in April 2021. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the median existing-home price for all housing types was $329,100 in April, up 17.2% from the same time last year and surpassing the previous peak of $319,700 set in July 2006. The surge in prices is being driven by strong demand from buyers and limited supply of homes for sale, as well as low mortgage rates that have made buying more affordable for many Americans.

The NAR also reported that existing-home sales rose 6.8% from March to April 2021, reaching an annual rate of 6.15 million units—the highest level since December 2006 and up 24% from a year ago. The increase was driven by strong demand from first-time buyers, who accounted for 40% of all sales in April 2021—the highest share since July 2012 when they made up 41%.

The strong performance of the U.S. housing market is likely to continue as long as mortgage rates remain low and demand remains high, although there are some signs that prices may be starting to cool off in some areas due to rising inventory levels and increasing competition among buyers for available homes.

NVDAs Performance Is Sure To Be Good

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of graphics processing units (GPUs) used in gaming consoles and personal computers (PCs). The companys GPUs are also used in data centers and artificial intelligence applications such as autonomous vehicles and robotics, making it a key player in the rapidly growing AI industry.

NVDAs stock has been on an impressive run over the past year, with shares rising more than 200% since March 2020 due to strong demand for its products across multiple industries and its expanding presence in AI applications such as autonomous vehicles and robotics. Analysts expect NVDAs performance to remain strong going forward as it continues to benefit from increased demand for its products across multiple industries and its expanding presence in AI applications such as autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Kuaishou Baidu Performed Well In The Last Quarter
Kuaishou Baidu Inc., one of Chinas leading short video platforms, reported strong financial results for the first quarter of 2021 with total revenue increasing by 37% year-over-year to RMB 10 billion ($1.5 billion). This was driven by growth across all major business segments including advertising services (+41%), live streaming services (+37%), value-added services (+30%) and other services (+25%). Kuaishou Baidu also reported that its monthly active users (MAUs) increased by 28% year-over-year to 590 million during the quarter, while daily active users (DAUs) increased by 33% year-over-year to 431 million during the same period—both figures representing record highs for Kuaishou Baidu since it went public last year.

香港物業價格創新高   美國的房地產市場近月來一直熱絡,2021年4月物業價格創下新高。根據全美房地產經紀人協會(NAR)的數據,4月份所有住宅類型的中位數現有住宅價格為329100美元,較去年同期上漲17.2%,超過2006年7月创下的319700美元的前一个峰值。物業價格飆升受到買家強勁需求以及可供出售住宅供應不足的影響,此外低利率也使得許多美國人能夠負擔得起購房。  NAR還報告說,2021年3月至4月間存量住宅銷量上升6.8%,達到615萬套的年度水平——這是2006年12月以來的最高水平,同比上升24%。這一增加是由新手買家強勁需求帶動的,2021年4月他們占所有交易的40%——這是2012年7月以來的最高水平。  只要利率保持低、市場對房地產保持強勁需求情況下,美國房地產市場表現強勁很可能將保持下去。雖然也出現了一些物業價格開始回調的迹象——因庫存水平上升、競相競投者對可用住宅日益加劇。  NVDAs表現必然不俗  NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA )是全球首屈一指的視覺處理裝備製造公司之一 , 它 的 裝備 被 用 於 遊 戲 機 和 家 用 電 腦 (PC )中 。 該 公 司 的 裝 備 還 被 用 於 數 據 中 心 和 人 工 智 能 應 用 ﹐如 自 駕車 和機 器人 ﹐使其成 為快速成 長AI行 業中關 鍵性 的一部分。  NVDA 的 股 票 過去一 年表 現出看好 ﹐從2020 年 3 月起已上 揚200 多 % ﹐這是因 多類行 業對其產 品強勁 需要以及其擴大AI 應用如無人車、機器人方 面而實情。分 析師估 計認 NVDA 未來表 現將保 持強勁 ﹐因多類行 業對其產 品強勁 需要以及其擴大AI 應用如無人車、機器人方 面而實情。  快手Baidu上季度表現不俗 快手Baidu Inc .是中國主要的視頻線上線下互動生性化内容閘道之一 , 2021年1季度 ,总营运金浮势37

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