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Adobe 8 specifications

23 November 2020 ❤ 1
Adobe 8 specifications

Adobe Photoshop and illustrator are one of the most extensively used for graphics and editing. There are numerous downloads for this particular software. The reason is the ease of use and exceptional quality. Adobe has come up with several versions depending upon the customization of the customer.  Adobe 8 has the following specifications: The packaged quantity is 1.
It lies under the category of creative application.
The sub-category is creativity- desktop application.
Its packaging type is retail.
The method of distribution is CD-ROM.
The minimum ram size required for the adobe 8 is 128 Mb.
The mini hard drive space required is 185 Mb.
The operating system needed for this software is Microsoft Windows 200, Microsoft Windows XP home edition, Microsoft windows XP professional.
The header is Adobe.
It lies in the product line of adobe Indesign.
Model is CS.
It is compatible with personal computers.
--- Adobe 8規格 Adobe Photoshop和illustrator是最廣泛用於圖形和編輯的工具之一。此特定軟件有大量下載。原因是易於使用和出色的質量。 Adobe根據客戶的定制提出了幾種版本。 adobe 8具有以下規格: 包裝數量為1。
土坯8所需的最小夯尺寸為128 mb。
所需的迷你硬盤驅動器空間為185 mb。
該軟件所需的操作系統是Microsoft Windows 200,Microsoft Windows XP家庭版,Microsoft Windows XP專業版。
它位於adobe Indesign的產品線中。

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