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Traditional Chinese installation version 

22 November 2020 ❤ 1
Traditional Chinese installation version 

In windows 10 you can select two traditional Characters for Hanyu Pinyin. The character you choose does not only depend on your likeness and preferences but it also depends on the person you are writing your document to and you have to analyze what coding method he prefers. If you choose the wrong character you will face problems in the future and will ultimately end up with unreadable documents, and emails.  Microsoft Bopomofo also offers the Pinyin characters, the traditional ones but the intelligence of thud software is limited and was changed to 微軟注音 in Windows 8. MSPY or Microsoft Pinyin is the best one it is based on the Simple fast version which was introduced in 2010. It works by analyzing the first-phrase input.  繁體中文安裝版本 在Windows 10中,您可以為漢語拼音選擇兩個傳統字符。您選擇的字符不僅取決於您的相似和喜好,還取決於您要向其編寫文檔的人,並且您必須分析他喜歡哪種編碼方法。如果您選擇了錯誤的字符,將來您將面臨問題,最終將導致文檔和電子郵件無法閱讀。 Microsoft Bopomofo還提供了傳統的拼音字符,但是thud軟件的智能有限,並且是Windows 8中對Microsoft注音的更改。 MSPY或Microsoft拼音是基於2010年推出的Simplefast版本的最佳版本。它通過分析第一階段輸入來工作。

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