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04 October 2020 ❤ 2

In simple words, a backpack is a cloth or leather sack that is carried on a person's back, and therefore it has the name "backpack". The backpack has two straps that a person wears and they hold the backpack to the shoulders. 

Some backpacks are made up of light material and mostly students carry them on a single shoulder. 
Backpacks are used for carrying your stuff both light and heavy to customize and store your products which you cant carry in your hands. 

Large backpacks are capable of carrying weights of approximately 10 kg. Such backpacks have waist/hip belts for maximum support. In this way, backpacks ease up the process of carrying weights and to travel to long distances easily. 

In ancient times, people used a similar concept to carry their tools for catching the prey, or they sometimes also used to bring the prey in the backpack. 





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