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Dark academia & Light academia

26 February 2021 ❤ 5
Dark academia & Light academia

The emergence of aesthetics has had a big impact on the world and these two aesthetics are having a big impact via TIK TOK and Instagram. Dark Academia is an aesthetic, centred around libraries and books and everything dark. Whilst Light Academia is similar but lighter and focuses on museums. These two aesthetic link very heavily and can look great on almost everything, for example as buildings, outfits and other daily things like notes etc. So here we have a guide on how to live under these aesthetics: 

  • Clothes colour scheme, now it doesn’t matter what items of clothing you wear but it does matter what colours you wear, for dark you need to wear dark brows, maroons, blacks and for light you need to wear beige, and greys, and lighter browns.

  • When it comes to hair, everything matters. You will have to try and style your hair to seem as if you are living in the 1820s, yes we mean ribbons and everything.  

  • So when it comes to the way you live it can be hard to live aesthetically, you should start by catering to different colours associated with these aesthetics, so for dark academia, you’ll need dark brows, maroons, blacks and for light academia you’ll need beige, and greys, and lighter browns.

This is just a small simplest of things you should do live aesthetically! 

By I. Bey 


美学的出现对世界产生了重大影响,而这两种美学通过TIK TOK和Instagram
产生了巨大影响。Dark Academia是一种美学,围绕图书馆和书籍以及所有黑暗事物而存在。




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