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Panasonic washing machine specifications

20 November 2020 ❤ 1
Panasonic washing machine specifications

The Panasonic top loader washing machine has many specifications. Talking about its Technical data this machine has a loading capacity of seven Kg.its dimensions are 525*571*929 mm. It operates on the voltage of 220v-240v. The weight of this washing machine is twenty-right kilograms. It has the modern washing machine technology known as the dancing flow and aqua spin rinse. Its control panel is membranous and white in color. It has a digital display as well with a red LED light color.it contains ten number of programs which are : Normal
Baby care
Tub hygiene
Energy save
Water save
Air dry 松下洗衣機規格 松下頂部裝載機洗衣機有許多規格。說到它的技術數據,這台機器的負載能力為7公斤,尺寸為525 * 571 * 929毫米。它的工作電壓為220v-240v。這台洗衣機的重量是二十八公斤。它具有被稱為舞流和水旋轉漂洗的現代洗衣機技術。它的控制面板為膜狀和白色。它具有數字顯示以及紅色LED燈顏色。它包含十個程序,它們是: 正常
空氣乾燥 https://www.panasonic.com/my/consumer/home-appliances/washer-dryer/top-load-washer/na-f70s7.specs.html

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