Workers from Sinosteel Occupational Safety and Health Cooperative Factory have been pronounced as dead.

18 April 2021 ❤ 5
Workers from Sinosteel Occupational Safety and Health Cooperative Factory have been pronounced as dead.

Today at 12am, noon, the Sinosteel cooperating manufacture was up an running until there was a sudden accident, and the  Sinosteel Occupational Safety and Health Cooperative Factory was involved in a crash between their machinery due to this many workers got injured and some have died, and by the time the authorities had arrived it was too late for some workers, as they had died on the spot.

A number of personnel were sent to investigate and clarify the causes of the accident, it has been decided that the cause of the accident was due to the No. 4 converter of the Sinosteel plant in Xiaogang District, due to this accident the site has been ordered to suspend work. 

By I. Bey  今天中午12点,中钢合作制造厂运转起来,直到发生突发事故,中钢职业安全健康合作工厂因许多工人受伤而有些死亡而在机器之间坠毁,到了当局到达的时候,对于一些工人来说已经为时已晚,因为他们当场死亡。 派遣了许多人员调查并澄清了事故原因,已确定事故原因是由于中钢小港区中钢厂4号转炉的原因,该事故现场已被排除在外。下令暂停工作。 由I.Bey

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