Wall of china

07 December 2020 ❤ 1
Wall of china

We all have heard about it, the wall of china, most of the people reading this article are already aware of the fact that the wall of china is the biggest wall in the world. The sight of this wall is actually awfully beautiful and jaw-dropping as it is a perfect description of the ancient defense architectures. Wall covered in mountains and surrounding mountains makes the scene of this wall more surreal and beautiful. The Chinese name for this wall is “Chang-Chong”, which means “Longwall”. This great wall is located in the Northern area of China. The length of the great wall of China is 21,196,18 kilometers. The wall shares a rich history with the Chinese people as it is 2.300 years old. 中國牆 我們都聽說過,中國牆,大多數閱讀本文的人已經意識到,中國牆是世界上最大的牆。實際上,這堵牆的景色十分美麗,令人嘆為觀止,因為它是古代防禦體系的完美描述。覆蓋在群山和周圍群山中的牆使這面牆的場景更加真實和美麗。這堵牆的中文名稱是“長衝”,意為“長牆”。這座長城位於中國的北部地區。中國的長城長為21,196,18公里。隔離牆已有2300年的歷史,與中國人民有著悠久的歷史。

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