Top 5 site For Chinese Comics 

20 January 2021 ❤ 0
Top 5 site For Chinese Comics 

Manga Rock 
Is one of the online website to read comics online that includes ‘the tales of demons and god’, ‘the last human’, and ‘The rising of the shield hero’ 

Wutopia Comics 
Is termed as one of the best comics’ sites, that includes ‘Perfect World Manhua’, ‘Dragon Prince Yuan’, and ‘Soul Land 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect’.

Manhuagui is full of comics that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and American novels as well, that includes ‘Wuxia Manga: Doupo Cangqiong’, ‘Cultivation Manga: Wu Dong Qian Kun’, and ‘Xianxia Manga: Panlong’

Ac.qq is full of martial arts, anime content, and original animation, that includes ‘Wuxia Manhua’ and many more.

BiliBili Manga
Bilibili MANGA is known as the comic reading platform that is covering almost thousands of comics, that includes ‘Chinese Manhua’ and many more.
是在线阅读漫画的在线网站之一,其中包括“恶魔和上帝的故事”,“最后的人类”和“盾牌英雄的崛起” 乌托邦漫画
被称为“最佳漫画”网站之一,其中包括“完美的世界漫画”,“袁大龙”和“灵魂之地2:无与伦比的唐教派”。 满华贵

Ac.qq 充满了武术,动漫内容和原始动画,其中包括“无锡满化”等。 比利比利漫画
Bilibili MANGA被称为漫画阅读平台,涵盖了几乎数千种漫画,其中包括“中国漫画”等。

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