Effect of covid-19 on food industry

13 January 2021 ❤ 0
Effect of covid-19 on food industry

Just after the outbreak of covid-19 not only counties but, but whole world was under lockdown. Not only jobs were effected but the nation had to suffer the consequences of covid19. The only business that was least effected was the food business. Not only business but mills, industries, firms had to close their business in order to minimize the loss ratio. Food business was closed entirely, but government somehow gave leniency to the food vendors just because it is the primary source of every human being. In this whole scenario, people still struggled to earn money, but at the end of the day they had to look for the food. And thus the food industry is still going on. And now after post lockdown people are still job less are still somehow managing to buy the food for them.

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I totally agree but the things is every industry was affected, even some of the food shops also had to stop their operation and had to sell their business.

By hussain, 26 Jan 21