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Best Japanese Restaurants

11 October 2020 ❤ 1
Best Japanese Restaurants

Japanese restaurants are very common these days. You can easily find a Japanese restaurant in your nearby areas. However, only a few can satisfy your taste buds. There is a lot of variety in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin. Below are the best Japanese restaurants that offer marvelous sushi, ramen, and sashimi. They offer you dishes that are professionally designed and then served bringing you the real taste of Japan. They also serve these dishes with the furin of American taste as well to bring some adventure on the table. Some of these also give their special great sake and craft beer.  Raku in Las Vegas
Sushi Nakazawa in New York
Sushi Ran in San Francisco
Kyo Ya in New York
Images Tei in Honolulu, HI
Omakase in San Francisco
Tsubaki in Los Angeles
Uchi in Austin
Uni in Boston
Go’s martin Los Angeles
Tomo in Atlanta
Momotaro in Chicago
Sakedokoro in Makoto, Washington D.c  ---- 這些天日本餐館很普遍。您可以在附近輕鬆找到一家日本餐廳。但是,只有少數幾個可以滿足您的味蕾。紐約,洛杉磯,芝加哥和奧斯丁有很多品種。以下是提供奇妙的壽司,拉麵和生魚片的最佳日本餐廳。他們為您提供經過專業設計的菜餚,然後再為您帶來真正的日本風味。他們還提供帶有美國風味的furin這些菜餚,並帶來一些冒險。其中一些還提供特別的清酒和精釀啤酒。 拉斯維加斯的Raku
紐約的Kyo Ya
夏威夷檀香山的Imanas Tei

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