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Starbucks buy one get one free

12 April 2021 ❤ 7
Starbucks buy one get one free

For five days, and five days only, Starbucks’ buy one get one free offer is back! The five days of this offer starts today, as long as you turn on the  Starbucks Instagram limited time feed and also ask daily you will get a limited coupon code for every day that you ask. 

After you ask and get the "Friend Sharing Coupon" you will be able to get a free coffee, under the buy one get on free offer. In addition, special coffees also have their own offers, including buy one get one free with their eco-friendly cups, buying three cups will get you 2 cups for free!

So for five consecutive days from April 12th to April 16th, if you go to Starbucks’ Instagram and look for updates, you will get that days coupon code. And go to Starbucks’ official LINE to get "Buy one get one free for all items", daily redemption is until 8 pm 

By I. Bey  五天(仅限五天),星巴克的买一送一免费优惠又回来了!此优惠从今天开始为期五天,只要您打开星巴克Instagram限时供稿并每天询问,您每天都会收到有限的优惠券代码。 提出要求并获得“朋友共享优惠券”后,您就可以免费获得咖啡,只要买一赠一即可。此外,特殊咖啡也有自己的优惠,包括使用其环保杯子免费买一送一,购买三杯将免费获得两杯! 因此,从4月12日到4月16日连续五天,如果您访问星巴克的Instagram并查找更新,则将获得该天的优惠券代码。并前往星巴克官方LINE获得“所有商品免费买一送一”,每天兑换至晚上8点 由I.Bey

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