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How Hong Kong is winning at eSports?

11 November 2020 ❤ 1
How Hong Kong is winning at eSports?

As we all know, Hong Kong is delivering a marvelous eSport experience both in the real and digital worlds. We all know that video gaming is the new sport these days which is also known as eSports and Hong Kons is excelling at it. According to research in 2022, Hong Kong will earn double-digit growth revenue of almost $1.8 billion.
Competitive video gaming attracts a lot of fresh young audiences globally of almost all gender and age groups which can have their disposable income spontaneously and this is one of the reasons why eSports are becoming so promising and popular.
To sustain its eSports industry Hong Kong has developed excellent internet facilities, its public supports it, financial institutions also sponsor such events and a lot of the young generation who loves technology is found to be a part of it. Hong Kong works on all the above-mentioned criteria and therefore they are earning tremendously through this industry when compared to other developed countries. ---- 眾所周知,香港在現實世界和數字世界中都提供了出色的電子競技體驗。我們都知道,視頻遊戲是當今的新運動,也被稱為電子競技,Hong Kons對此非常感興趣。根據2022年的研究,香港將獲得近18億美元的兩位數增長收入。

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