Another whale sighted in the southern district of Hong Kong Island. The Fisheries and Conservation Department urges the public not to go out to sea to watch or follow whales.

05 January 2024 ❤ 2
Another whale sighted in the southern district of Hong Kong Island. The Fisheries and Conservation Department urges the public not to go out to sea to watch or follow whales.

Another Whale Sighted in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island

Residents of Hong Kong Island were recently surprised to find a whale swimming in the waters off the southern district. The sighting was reported to the Fisheries and Conservation Department, who have since urged the public not to go out to sea to watch or follow whales.

The whale, believed to be a humpback whale, was spotted by a local fisherman near Po Toi Island. The fisherman reported that he had seen the whale swimming around for several hours before it eventually disappeared into deeper waters. This is not the first time that a whale has been sighted in Hong Kong waters, but it is certainly an uncommon occurrence.

The Fisheries and Conservation Department has responded by issuing a warning against going out to sea to watch or follow whales. They have stated that such activities can be dangerous for both humans and whales, as they can easily become disoriented or stressed when approached by boats or people. Additionally, they have warned that approaching whales too closely can also disturb their natural behavior and disrupt their feeding patterns.

The department has also reminded people that it is illegal under Hong Kong law to hunt or capture any marine mammals without permission from the government. This includes whales, dolphins, porpoises and other cetaceans. Anyone found guilty of such activities could face fines of up to HK$100,000 and/or imprisonment for up to two years.

The sighting of this whale in Hong Kong waters is an exciting event for many residents of the island, but it is important that everyone respects its presence and follows the advice of the Fisheries and Conservation Department. By doing so we can ensure that these majestic creatures are able to live peacefully in our waters without any disruption from human activity.

香港島南部再次目睹鯨魚出現 漁護署敦促公眾不要出海觀看或跟隨鯨魚


據一位當地漁民在寶台島附近目睹,這隻可能是座头鯨的鯨魚在海上游泳了好幾小時,之後才逐漸消失於更深的水域。 雖然不是第一次在香港海域目睹到這種動物,但仍然是一件極少見的事情。

對此, 漁護署已作出回應,並敦促公眾不要出海觀看或跟隨這些動物。他們表明,此舉對人與動物都有危險性,因為它們很容易在遇到船只或人而產生迷惘或壓力。此外,他們也警告說過於近距離去前往這些動物也會打斷它們的天性行為並影響它們的食物來源。

同時, 政府也再三強調根據香港法律而談,未取得當局合法批准前是不允許狩獵或俘虜任何海中動物的(包含座头、海豚、海豹及其他大眾動物) ;如有違反者將會受到最多高達10 萬元及/或2 年監禁之刑事判別。

在 香 港 海 域 目 睹 這 隻 鯨 魚 的 現 象 , 對 諸 多 島 上 居 民 而 談 , 確 實 是 一 場 激 励 的 盛 會 ;但 大 家應 該 衡 量 萬 事 不 迎 不 避 不 攻 擊 不 犒 賞 不 折 磨 不 驅 邪 不 甘心 ——————— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ———— ————————-————-————-————-————-————-————-————————————--————————--————————--————————--————————--————————--————————--————————--————————--要尊重它的存在且遵從當時所作出之敦促與規定。如此一來便能保障這些雄壯動物能夠平安無事地生存於我們的水中而不受人間行動之影響。

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