Ecuador arrests six Colombians as suspects in slaying of anti ...

17 August 2023 ❤ 2
Ecuador arrests six Colombians as suspects in slaying of anti ...

Ecuador has arrested six Colombians as suspects in the slaying of an anti-mining activist in the countrys Amazon region. The arrests come after a months-long investigation into the killing of José Tendetza Antún, a Shuar indigenous leader who was shot dead in May.

The six suspects were arrested on Tuesday in the city of Macas, located in Ecuadors Morona Santiago province. They are accused of being involved in the murder of Antún, who was a vocal opponent of mining activities in his community. The suspects are currently being held at a prison in Macas and are awaiting trial.

The investigation into Antúns death began shortly after his body was found near his home on May 5th. According to local authorities, he had been shot multiple times with a rifle and died instantly. His death sparked outrage among indigenous communities across Ecuador and prompted calls for justice from human rights groups around the world.

In response to these calls, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa ordered an investigation into the killing and promised that those responsible would be brought to justice. The investigation eventually led authorities to the six Colombians, who were identified as suspects after their fingerprints were found at the crime scene.

The arrests have been welcomed by many as a sign that justice is being served for Antúns death. However, some have expressed concern that the suspects may not receive a fair trial due to their nationality and lack of legal representation. It remains to be seen how this case will play out in court but it is clear that it has already had an impact on Ecuadorian society and its fight for justice for its indigenous people.

香港版:厄瓜多爾逮捕了六名哥倫比亞人,他們被控參與在該國亞馬遜地區殺害一名反礦活動人士的案件。這些逮捕行動是在對五月份受害者José Tendetza Antún的死因進行數月長的調查後展開的。Antún是一位Shuar原住民領袖,他是該社區礦業活動的強烈反對者。

這六名嫌犯於星期二在厄瓜多爾Morona Santiago省的Macas市被逮捕,他們被控參與Antún的謀殺。目前,他們正被關在Macas監獄中,正在等待審判。


作出回應,厄瓜多爾总理Rafael Correa下令就Antún之死進行調查,並承諾將有關者帶到法庭上受審。調���最後導向六名哥倫布人;當時他們的手印已於凶手之所中找到而成功被定性成嫌兇者。


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