Lil Tay's family says she's alive, claims account was hacked: Report

25 August 2023 ❤ 2
Lil Tay's family says she's alive, claims account was hacked: Report

Lil Tays Family Says Shes Alive, Claims Account Was Hacked: Report

The family of Lil Tay, the nine-year-old social media star, has come forward to say that she is alive and well, despite reports that her account had been hacked. According to a report by TMZ, the family claims that the account was taken over by an unknown hacker who posted a message saying that Lil Tay had passed away.

The family says they are now working with law enforcement to investigate the incident and find out who was behind it. They also said that they are doing their best to protect Lil Tays privacy and safety during this difficult time.

Lil Tay rose to fame in 2018 after posting videos on Instagram and YouTube of her rapping and performing stunts. She quickly gained a large following of young fans who were drawn to her brash attitude and outrageous behavior. However, her career was cut short when her mother fired her manager in April 2018 after he allegedly posted inappropriate content on Lil Tays social media accounts. Since then, she has been largely absent from the public eye.

The news of Lil Tays alleged death sent shockwaves through the internet as fans mourned the loss of such a young star. However, it appears that these reports were false as her family has now come forward to say she is alive and well. It remains unclear who was behind the hack or why they would post such a cruel message about Lil Tays death. The family is now asking for privacy as they work with law enforcement to investigate the incident further.




2018年,Lil Tay在Instagram和YouTube上張貼視頻後迅速成名。她迅速吸引了大量年輕球迷,他們被她傲慢的態度和大膽的行動所吸引。然而,2018年4月她的母親在其機構老闆據說在Lil Tay的社交媒體帳戶上張貼不當政府後將其開除從而使她的事業中斷。此後,她已從公眾視野中消失。

  關於Lil Tay外難傳出的新聞使整個互聯網都感到震驚,球迷也因如此年輕明星之失耗感傷心。無奈這些傳聞似乎是不實的,因為她的家人已出來表明她是安然活下來。目前尚不清楚那位能夠竊取帳戶權力者是誰及其意圖何在。家人正要求保密性與执法部門合作進一步調查此事件

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