Malik Cunningham Sets Good First Impression in Preseason Debut

03 January 2024 ❤ 0
Malik Cunningham Sets Good First Impression in Preseason Debut

Malik Cunningham Sets Good First Impression in Preseason Debut

Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham made a strong first impression in his preseason debut against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night. The redshirt freshman completed 11 of 15 passes for 115 yards and a touchdown, leading the Cardinals to a 24-20 victory. He also ran for a team-high 44 yards on seven carries.

Cunningham showed poise and confidence in the pocket, making quick decisions and delivering accurate throws. He connected with wide receiver Tutu Atwell for a 25-yard touchdown pass late in the second quarter, giving Louisville its first lead of the game. He also had several impressive scrambles, including one that resulted in a 20-yard gain.

The performance was especially impressive considering that Cunningham had only been with the team for two weeks prior to Thursdays game. He was signed as an undrafted free agent after going undrafted in Aprils NFL Draft. Despite his lack of experience, he looked like he belonged on the field with the other players.

Cunninghams performance was encouraging for Louisville fans who have been waiting for him to take over as the teams starting quarterback this season. With his strong showing against Pittsburgh, it appears that he is ready to take on that role and lead the Cardinals to success this year. It will be interesting to see how he performs when the regular season begins next month.

Louisville 的四分衛馬利克·坎寧安在周四晚上對上匹茲堡鐵人隊的季前賽中給人留下了深刻的印象。這位紅衣新秀完成了15次傳球中的11次,得到115碼和一個觸地得分,帶領Cardinals以24-20勝出。他也以7次奔跑得到球隊最多的44碼。

坎寧安在口袋裡表現出了鎮定與信心,作出快速的決定並傳出正確的球。他與外場接球手Tutu Atwell在下半場末端連接25碼觸地得分,使Louisville取得了本場比賽的首度領先。他也有幾次令人印象深刻的奔跑,其中一次導致20碼的進球。


對於Louisville 球迷來說,坎寧安的表現是一大鼓舞,因為大家都期待看見他能夠成功取代球隊主力四分衛位子。由於他對匹茲場市強勁的表���,似乎已能胜任這一位子並帶領Cardinals 在本季取得成功。當正式開打下月開始之際,將會是一幕引人注目的情形。

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