"Patriotic Education Law" passed by Li Jiachao in the Mainland: Full cooperation to ensure docking - 20231025 - News

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Patriotic Education Law passed by Li Jiachao in the Mainland: Full cooperation to ensure docking

On October 25, 2020, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee passed the "Patriotic Education Law" proposed by Li Jiachao, Chairman of the National Peoples Congress. This law is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and to promote patriotism education in China. It is also a major move to strengthen national unity and promote national rejuvenation.

The Patriotic Education Law stipulates that patriotic education should be carried out in all aspects of society, including schools, families, communities and other social organizations. It should be based on socialist core values and focus on cultivating citizens love for the motherland, loyalty to the Party and dedication to socialism. The law also emphasizes that patriotic education should be conducted in accordance with laws and regulations, respect for facts and truth, respect for history and culture, respect for different opinions and views, respect for different ethnic groups and religions, as well as respect for international norms.

The Patriotic Education Law also requires that all levels of government should strengthen their leadership over patriotic education work. They should strengthen their organizational leadership over patriotic education work; establish a unified planning system; improve relevant laws and regulations; strengthen supervision over patriotic education work; increase financial support; encourage social organizations to participate in patriotic education work; promote exchanges between different regions; carry out international exchanges on patriotism education; protect historical sites related to patriotism; encourage citizens to participate in activities related to patriotism; etc.

In addition, this law also requires that all levels of government should strengthen their guidance over patriotic education work in schools. Schools should carry out comprehensive patriotic education activities such as lectures on national conditions and national defense knowledge classes. Schools should also organize students to visit revolutionary sites or participate in activities related to patriotism such as military training camps or volunteer services at home or abroad.

The Patriotic Education Law has been widely welcomed by people from all walks of life since it was passed by the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. It is believed that this law will help promote patriotism among Chinese citizens so as to better safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. It will also help enhance peoples sense of identity with socialism with Chinese characteristics so as to contribute more strength towards achieving Chinas great rejuvenation dream.




《愛國教育法》也要求各級政府加強對愛國教育工作的領導。他們應加強對愛國教育工作的機構領導;建立一套緊密相連的規劃制度;完善相關法律法規;加強對愛圅教育工作的監督;加大資金支持力度:鼓勵各異形性機關參與愛国教育工作:促進不同區域之間交流:間行舉行關於愛国主义教育方面的 地理交流:保障與 愛国主义 有關 的歷史遺存: 鼓勵 公民 參與 愛国主义 的 活動 等。

此外, 該 法得 要 求 各 級 政府 就 學校 的 愛 園 故 述 工作 加強 方 面 的 框 體 ﹐學校 應 詳 細 通過 說明 地理情勢 ﹐軍亮 知识 說明 會 ﹐或者 組 織學生 到 革命遺存 ﹐或者參加 有關 感情主义 的 活動 ﹐如軍亮 訓練 萬 ﹐或者 在 家裡或者海外志工 服勞 之 類 。


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