Radio Hong Kong passes away

22 March 2021 ❤ 3
Radio Hong Kong passes away

On Facebook Radio Hong Kong posted some upsetting news, DJ Yan Qing has sadly passed away at the age of only 31, she was very young and had many years ahead of her. She has suddenly passed away, we give our deepest condolences to her family. 

Her co-host DJ Bo Sheng and herself would meet many stars and interview them and play their songs Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 pm. But when the show was broadcast today Bo Sheng had said that his co-host couldn’t talk because she was unwell, they didn’t know that later that day she would no longer be alive. 

But at 9 o'clock in the evening, the radio show had announced the tragic news on their social media platforms, although they announced her death they did not announce the cause of death or when she was found, due to this sudden news many fans were shocked and upset. 

By I. Bey


在香港电台的Facebook电台上发布了一些令人不安的消息,DJ Yan Qing不幸去世,享年31岁,她很小,而且比她领先很多年。她突然去世了,我们向她的家人表示最深切的慰问。 她的联合主持人DJ Bo Sheng和她本人将与许多明星见面并采访他们,并在周一至周五的下午5点至7点播放他们的歌曲。但是当今天播出节目时,博胜说他的共同主持人因为她的不适而不能说话,他们不知道那天晚些时候她将不再活着。 但是在晚上9点,广播节目已经在他们的社交媒体平台上宣布了这则悲惨的消息,尽管他们宣布了她的死亡,但没有宣布死亡原因或当她被发现时,由于这一突然的消息,许多粉丝感到震惊和沮丧。 由I.Bey

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Great Information.

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