Astronauts take part in a Sunday spacewalk

28 February 2021 ❤ 5
Astronauts take part in a Sunday spacewalk

The amazing astronaut’s Kate Rubins and Victor Glover Jr. started their Sunday spacewalk at 6:12 am outside the Internation space station and ended at 1:16 pm. The spacewalk helped with a continuation of upgrades for the space station that is constantly orbiting the Earth, it lasted 7 hours and 4 minutes. 

There was a stream high definition video showing the perspective of an astronaut as they work, this camera was attached to Kate Rubins spacesuit, the camera also showed what the outside of the ISS looks like. 

Both Kate Rubins and Victor Glover Jr. are veteran spacewalkers, Victor Glover Jr. has already conducted two spacewalks since arriving at the ISS in November of 2020, the Sunday spacewalk was his third walk. Whilst Kate Rubins had done her first spacewalk back in 2016, during her first rotation, the Sunday spacewalk was also her third. 

Kate Rubins and Victor Glover Jr. were preparing for an upcoming solar array upgrade, they did this by assembling and installing modification kits to the ISS. Although the current solar arrays are still functioning well, they are degrading, as they only have a 15-year lifespan and were installed to the ISS in December of 2000, so really they expired 5 years ago. 

The new solar arrays will be placed in front of the existing ones already on the sation later this year, this will boost the ISS’s power from 160 kilowatts to 215 kilowatts, NASA states.  They (the solar arrays) will also be launching to the space station on a SpaceX vehicle in June of 2021.

Kate Rubins will pare up with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi to complete a number of different tasks including adding more solar array upgrade instalment son March 5. The Sunday spacewalk was the 235th spacewalk in the history of the station, and we hope there will be many more in the future of the International Space Station. 

By I. Bey 神奇的宇航员凯特·鲁宾和小维克多·格洛弗(Victor Glover Jr.)于上午6:12在国际空间站外开始周日的太空行走,并于下午1:16结束。太空行走帮助持续不断绕地球运行的空间站进行了升级,持续了7个小时零4分钟。 有一段高清视频流,展示了宇航员在工作时的视角,该摄像头与凯特·鲁宾斯(Kate Rubins)宇航服相连,摄像头还显示了国际空间站的外观。 凯特·鲁宾(Kate Rubins)和小维克多·格洛弗(Victor Glover Jr.)都是资深太空行走者,自2020年11月到达国际空间站以来,小维克多·格洛弗小行星Victor Glover Jr.已经进行了两次太空行走,周日的太空行走是他的第三次行走。凯特·鲁宾斯(Kate Rubins)在2016年进行了她的第一次太空行走时,在她的第一次旋转中,周日太空行走也是她的第三次。 凯特·鲁宾斯(Kate Rubins)和小维克多·格洛弗(Victor Glover Jr.)正在为即将到来的太阳能电池阵列升级做准备,他们通过向ISS安装和安装改装套件来做到这一点。尽管当前的太阳能电池阵列仍能正常工作,但它们却在退化,因为它们的使用寿命只有15年,并于2000年12月安装到国际空间站,所以实际上它们已经在5年前失效了。 新的太阳能电池阵列将在今年晚些时候放置在现有的太阳能电池阵列的前面,这将使国际空间站的功率从160千瓦提高到215千瓦。它们(太阳能电池板)也将于2021年6月使用SpaceX运载器发射到空间站。 凯特·鲁宾斯(Kate Rubins)将与日本宇航局宇航员野口信一(Soichi Noguchi)携手合作,完成许多不同的任务,包括在3月5日增加更多的太阳能电池阵列升级装置。周日太空行走是该站历史上的第235次太空行走,我们希望在那里在国际空间站的未来还有更多。 由I.Bey

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