Steph Curry Joins Paramore to Sing 'Misery Business': Watch

10 August 2023 ❤ 0
Steph Curry Joins Paramore to Sing 'Misery Business': Watch

Steph Curry Joins Paramore to Sing Misery Business: Watch

The world of sports and music collided in a big way recently when NBA superstar Steph Curry joined the band Paramore on stage to sing their hit song “Misery Business.” The performance took place at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, and was part of the bands After Laughter tour.

Curry, who is a huge fan of the band, was invited on stage by lead singer Hayley Williams. He then proceeded to take over lead vocals for the song, much to the delight of the crowd. The performance was met with thunderous applause and cheers from fans who were clearly excited to see Curry take center stage.

The performance was a unique moment for both Curry and Paramore fans alike. For Curry, it was an opportunity to show off his vocal chops and prove that he can do more than just shoot hoops. For Paramore fans, it was a chance to see one of their favorite bands collaborate with one of their favorite athletes. It was also a great way for both sides to come together and celebrate music and sports in a unique way.

Curry has been an avid fan of Paramore since he first heard them back in 2007. He has even gone as far as saying that they are his favorite band and that he listens to them before every game he plays in order to get himself pumped up. This collaboration is just another example of how much respect Curry has for the band and how much they mean to him personally.

The performance itself was nothing short of amazing as Curry nailed all the lyrics while Williams provided backup vocals throughout the song. The crowd went wild when they finished singing and it was clear that everyone had enjoyed themselves immensely throughout the entire performance.

This isnt the first time that Steph Curry has shown off his musical talents either; he has previously performed with other artists such as John Legend, Chance The Rapper, and even Justin Bieber! It looks like we can expect more collaborations between him and other musicians in the future as well!

香港版:NBA超級巨星史蒂夫·庫里(Steph Curry)最近與樂隊Paramore合作,在奧克蘭奧克蘭體育場(Oracle Arena)演唱他們的熱門歌曲《Misery Business》。

  庫里是這個樂隊的忠實粉絲,主唱海莉·威廉姆斯(Hayley Williams)邀請他上台表演。然後他繼續帶領歌曲的主要歌詞,受到了眾多歡迎。表演得到了雷鳴般的掌聲和歡呼,明顯地大家都很高興能看到庫里站在中心舞台上。



  表演本身也是出乎意料之外出色的﹐ 庫釬在海莉· 威 廉姆 斯 的 補 充 歡 呢 中 正 確 的 唱 出 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 關 關 關 關 關 關 關 關 的 詞 詞 詞 詞 詞 詞 詞 詞 。 當 他 宣 布 結束 的 時 候 ﹐ 大家都狂歡不已 ﹐ 可見大家都十分享受整場表濿 。

々 雷 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 本 不 是 史 蒂夫 · 库 金 ﹐ 的 精 神 ﹐ 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神神神神神神神神神神神神神神神神神 的 精彩表怿 ﹐ 那也是之前另外一些音乐人如John Legend、Chance The Rapper甚ⅳJustin Bieber與库金合作過ⅳ耶看来我能夠期待将来会再出ⅳ其它合作呢!

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