The Academy of Fire and Rescue Services held an open day with convoy parades, firefighting and rescue demonstrations | am730

09 August 2023 ❤ 0
The Academy of Fire and Rescue Services held an open day with convoy parades, firefighting and rescue demonstrations | am730

The Academy of Fire and Rescue Services held an open day with convoy parades, firefighting and rescue demonstrations on Sunday, attracting hundreds of visitors.

The event was organised by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (HKFSD) to promote public awareness of fire safety and to showcase the work of the department. The open day featured a convoy parade, firefighting and rescue demonstrations, as well as a variety of interactive activities for visitors.

The convoy parade included a variety of fire engines, ambulances and other emergency vehicles from the HKFSD. The vehicles drove around the venue in a procession, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with the equipment used by firefighters and paramedics.

The firefighting demonstration showcased the skills of firefighters in tackling fires in different scenarios. Firefighters demonstrated how they use hoses to extinguish fires, as well as how they use ladders to reach higher floors in buildings. They also showed how they use breathing apparatus to enter smoke-filled rooms safely.

The rescue demonstration highlighted the techniques used by paramedics when responding to medical emergencies. Paramedics demonstrated how they assess patients conditions quickly and accurately before providing appropriate treatment on site or transporting them to hospital for further care.

Visitors were also able to take part in interactive activities such as trying on firefighter uniforms, using fire extinguishers and learning about first aid techniques. There were also booths set up by various organisations offering advice on fire safety measures at home or at work.

Overall, the open day was a great success with hundreds of people attending throughout the day. It provided an opportunity for members of the public to learn more about fire safety and gain an insight into what it takes for firefighters and paramedics to do their jobs effectively every day.




滅火示範展示了消防員在不同情況下如何對付大火的能力。 消防員向大家演示如何使用水龍頭來扑散大火,以及如何使用天橋到達大廈較高的一層。他們也向大家演示如何使用呼吸裝備安全進入充斥有浓厚流氓氣味的房間。



總而論之,開平日是一大成功之舉:當時有上千人前來參加此開平日。它不但是一個機會供市民學习到關於安全保障方針之外;也是一個機會供市民親眼目函看到「 每天都要」 的差勞士與急敗人士所作出之努力

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