Young Boy fell off a building and passed away

01 March 2021 ❤ 4
Young Boy fell off a building and passed away

On March 1st 2021 at 7:45 am the police received an urgent report from a panicked lady who was living in block 34, Laguna City, Kwun Tong, who was telling the police that her young son Lin who was only 9 years old had supposedly fallen off their building by accident, and was lying on the ground down below unconscious. 

An ambulance team quickly rushed to the residential building in the hope of saving the young unconscious boy, the little boy was taken to the United Hospital for Emergency Treatment, but was unfortunately named dead upon arrival. 

After a short preliminary investigation, the police believe that the young boy of only 9 years, named Lin You fell from his apartment accidentally because of a transom, an uneven slightly horizontal piece of flooring. Although his official cause of death has not yet been released by the police or an autopsy, the cause of death most likely will have been due to the impact of falling from a height. 

It is said that the young boy’s father got up that morning and went to his son’s room only to find him missing, he then looked around their apartment and went downstairs but still was not able to find him. Only after he looked everywhere he went back to his son’s room to find the transform and the window open, he looked outside and saw his son, unconscious on the platform of a building, he then immediately called his wife and the police. 

The official autopsy results will be released soon, and further investigation will also continue, a life was lost today, the young boy  Lin You of only 9 years of age did not deserve to die, but in light of everything, the only things that can be done is to support the family. 

By I. Bey 


2021年3月1日上午7:45,警察接到了一位恐慌的紧急报告,该夫人住在观塘拉古纳市34街区,她正在告诉警方,她9岁的小儿子林应该是警察意外从他们的建筑物上掉下来,躺在昏迷之下的地面上。 一辆救护车队迅速赶往居民楼,以救救那个失去知觉的年轻男孩。小男孩被送往联合医院急诊科,但不幸在抵达时被命名死。 经过短暂的初步调查,警方认为,只有9岁的小男孩名叫林友,是因为横梁(一块不平的,略微水平的地板)意外地从他的公寓掉下来的。尽管他的官方死亡原因尚未得到警方或尸体解剖的释放,但死亡原因很可能是由于从高处坠落造成的。 据说,小男孩的父亲那天早上起床去儿子的房间,却发现他失踪了,然后环顾四周,下楼,但仍然找不到他。当他四处张望后,回到儿子的房间寻找变形并打开窗户时,他向外看,看到儿子在建筑物的平台上昏昏欲睡,然后立即打电话给妻子和警察。 官方的尸检结果将很快发布,并且进一步的调查将继续进行,今天已经失去生命,只有9岁的小男孩林友不配死,但鉴于一切,唯一可以要做的就是养家糊口。 由I.Bey

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