Kpop group APRIL accused of bullying former member!

04 March 2021 ❤ 4
Kpop group APRIL accused of bullying former member!

Recent allegations accusing the popular Korean Pop girl group APRIL of bullying a former member continue. The idols under the company DSP Entertainment hold a different opinion to former APRIL member Hyun Joo, the entertainment company even threatened to report her supposed lies, they say that they were not bulling her while she said that they were bullying her. 

After this level of drama many APRIL fans decided to turn to the internet for an answer, they rummaged for content from when the group first debuted and when the former member Hyun Joo was still in the group and they found a number of scenes suggesting that she was being excluded and therefore that she was bullied, this shocking revelation left many fans of the girl group upset and angry. 

Netizens and fans of the group then started to search for various forms of content including various videos from variety shows, press and their short vlogs around the time of Hyun Joo’s decision to leave the group. They found that there were many scenes that continued to show her being left out by the other members, although it was more when they first debuted, she was still left out later on in her career. It also shows her being ordered around the members from time to time, it also shows the member ignoring her on purpose, or blocking her from the view of the camera. 

This makes many people question how serious the bullying situation really was because the only evidence we can find is when they were recorded so what went on behind the camera, and how bad was Hyun Joo treated really, without anyone even their Entertainment Company knowing. The two idols from APRIL who were accused the most were Na Eun and Zhen Shu. Zhen Shu is the Maknae (youngest) of the group but is constantly not using honorifics towards the older members, which is essential to Korean culture and respect as a whole. Whilst Na Eun is the most popular and well-known member, and hence had a big influence, which therefore means that she was overlooked as a potential bully.

Although this bullying issue is not resolved we hope that the scandal will come to a fair conclusion and the right one. 

By I. Bey



最近指责流行的韩国流行女孩团体APRIL欺负一名前成员的最新指控仍在继续。 DSP娱乐公司​​旗下的偶像与前APRIL成员Hyun Joo持有不同的看法,娱乐公司甚至扬言要举报她的假谎,他们说他们没有在欺负她,而她则在说她在欺负她。 在这场戏剧性的演出之后,许多APRIL粉丝决定转向互联网寻求答案,他们从该小组首次亮相时,前成员Hyun Joo仍在该小组中时就翻阅了内容,他们发现了许多场景,暗示着她被排除在外,因此她受到了欺负,这个令人震惊的启示使这个女子组合的许多粉丝感到沮丧和愤怒。 然后,该小组的网民和支持者开始搜索各种形式的内容,包括在炫Jo决定离开该小组时的综艺节目,新闻报道和他们的简短视频博客中的各种视频。他们发现有很多场景继续显示她被其他成员所遗弃,尽管他们初次登台时更多,但她的职业生涯后期仍然被遗弃。它还显示了她不时在成员周围被命令,也显示了成员故意无视她,或者将她挡在摄像机视线之外。 这使很多人质疑欺凌情况的严重性,因为我们唯一能找到的证据就是他们被记录下来的时间,以及镜头背后发生的事情,以及玄really实际上受到了多么严重的伤害,甚至没有他们的娱乐公司知道。来自APRIL的两个被指控最多的偶像是Na Eun和Zhen Shu。珍书是该组织的Maknae(最年轻),但一直不对年龄较大的成员使用敬意,这对韩国文化和整体尊重至关重要。罗恩恩(Na Eun)是最受欢迎和最有名的成员,因此具有很大的影响力,因此这意味着她被视为潜在的欺凌者。 尽管这个欺凌问题尚未解决,我们希望丑闻能够得出公正的结论和正确的结论。


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