Wong Kar

12 October 2020 ❤ 1
Wong Kar

Wong Kar-wai is a Hong Kong Film director. The prominent features of his movies are nonlinear narratives, vivid videography, aesthetic music, and boldly bright, and saturated colors. Wong is a famous and very convincing personality of the Hong Kong film industry. He has unremarkable influence in filmmaking and with his traditional trademark, he makes his movies a big success. 
Both internationally and domestically his films are always on the top. He was born in Shanghai, in 1958. When Wong was five years old he moved with his family to Hong Kong. He started as a screenwriter, he wrote for soap operas, and eventually, he began directing his own first movie and so on. His first debut was a crime drama called “As Tears Go”, it was a hit in Hong Kong. Wong didn't stick to traditional crime and action movies he rather he moved to make more personal filmmaking methods.


無論在國際上還是在國內,他的電影始終都處於領先地位。他於1958年出生於上海。Wong五歲那年,他與家人一起移居香港。他最初是一名編劇,後來為肥皂劇寫歌,最後開始導演自己的第一部電影,等等。他的第一部處女作是一部名為“ As Tears Go”的犯罪劇,在香港很受歡迎。 Wong不拘泥於傳統的犯罪和動作片,而是選擇了更多的個人電影製作方法。

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