19 November 2020 ❤ 1

In the Chinese scripture, the word Xinglin means “Apricot Grove”.Thee Daoist philosopher Ge Hong in his biographies of immortal divines known as “ Shenxian Zuhan” tells about a doctor De Fong who lived in the era when three kingdoms used to rule in China. De Fong was very famous due to his skill, ability, and goodwill. However, when he cures a patient of a certain disease he used to ask the people to plant an apricot tree near a grave. People who have very chronic diseases, when cured, planted five apricot trees. As he cured the patients the apricot tree numbers reached 100,000. The rich people came to see those trees and were required to place a bucketful of rice. In this way, those people who do not have food to eat can easily enjoy the meals. From that day in China, the term “Xinglin”, is used for expressing apricot trees and medical skills.



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