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Citigroup withdrawal from Taiwan and 13 other countries

14 April 2021 ❤ 3
Citigroup withdrawal from Taiwan and 13 other countries

Bloomberg has pointed out that Citigroup plans to withdraw from the retail market and the banking business in 13 different markets and countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, this includes Taiwan. Today they issued a statement saying that customer rights will not be affected. 

Citigroup stated that they will be withdrawing from Australia, Bahrain, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, although they will continue to provide institutional client group products in these malket, including cash management, investments, trading and private banking. 

Citigroup will switch to operating consumer finance in asia and EMEA to wealth centers located in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and London.

For existing customers there has been no timetable for the sale of taiwans consumer finances, and there will be not consumer finance change, and all righst will be protected. 

By I. Bey 彭博社指出,花旗集团计划退出亚洲,欧洲,中东和非洲(包括台湾)在内的13个不同市场和国家的零售市场和银行业务。今天,他们发表声明说,客户权益将不会受到影响。 花旗集团表示,尽管他们将继续在这些市场中提供机构客户群产品,但他们将退出澳大利亚,巴林,中国,印度,印度尼西亚,韩国,马来西亚,菲律宾,波兰,俄罗斯,台湾,泰国和越南。 ,包括现金管理,投资,交易和私人银行业务。 花旗集团将转向在亚洲运营的消费者金融业务,而欧洲,中东和非洲地区将转向位于新加坡,香港,阿拉伯联合酋长国和伦敦的财富中心。 对于现有客户,没有出售台湾消费者理财的时间表,也不会改变消费者理财,并且所有权益都将受到保护。 由I.Bey

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