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Computer Software

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Computer Software

As compared to the hardware, the software is completely different in the IT industry. Software is the intangible product that makes a computer capable to perform a task. Computer software has several dimensions and they have a lot of diversity. For example, the word processing software enables the computer to write and store the typed information. Similarly, operating software enables the computer to operate and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Roughly speaking you can divide the computer systems into three major and broad categories and these are: System Software Programming software Application software In order to make the software work, you first have to store or download it through some external source (USB or Internet) Into your computer storage and then you can execute or run the software. Once the software starts to run the system software of the computer extracts the information through application software and starts to execute the software. Each instruction given to the running software will result in a different outcome for example inserting pictures, making a calculation or making a PowerPoint presentation, etc. ----- 與硬件相比,軟件在IT行業完全不同。軟件是使計算機能夠執行任務的無形產品。計算機軟件具有多個維度,並且具有很多多樣性。例如,文字處理軟件使計算機能夠寫入和存儲鍵入的信息。同樣,操作軟件使計算機可以同時操作和管理多個任務。 粗略地說,您可以將計算機系統分為三大類,分別是: 系統軟件 編程軟件 應用軟件 為了使該軟件正常工作,您首先必須通過一些外部資源(USB或Internet)進行存儲或下載 放入計算機存儲,然後您可以執行或運行該軟件。 一旦軟件開始運行,計算機的系統軟件就會通過應用軟件提取信息並開始執行該軟件。 給運行軟件的每條指令將導致不同的結果,例如插入圖片,進行計算或進行PowerPoint演示等。

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