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Windows 7

03 October 2020 ❤ 1
Windows 7

If you are a person who is working on his/her laptop 24/7 then surely you won’t like your PC to work unbearably slow. Most of the time the fault is not in our system but the Windows. So, if you are using Windows 7 and it is not working well then you are in the right place.  Initially, Windows 7 runs very smoothly however, with the time you may have to clean it so that it can function properly again.  There are a lot of features and services which Windows 7 is offering, which you all may not need. So, by leveraging the features you do not need you can make its running smooth.  Here are the things you can do to run your windows 7 fast: Disable the features/ service you do not need
At the time you turn on your computer there are several pop-ups, minimize and screen priority things that should pop.
Erase the vendor installed bloatware.
Keep your system alert by tracking viruses and malware with the help of anti-virus.
Keep screening your memory
Ensure the power settings you have enabled are for the right performance.
Maintain a defragmented system.
Disable search indexing
Install and activate Readyboost

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