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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

18 October 2020 ❤ 1
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Following are the ways or tips and tricks to deal with WhatsApp. 
Chat Backup
Turn on daily back up in settings this helps you in saving your chat whenever you switch off the phone.
Check who has read your message
When there is single tick this means message is not delivered but when there are double ticks this means message is delivered. When these ticks got blue this means your message is seen.
Edit photos and videos before sending
WhatsApp gave you the option to edit your photos like as you can crop your pic, apply a filter on it. 
Favorite specific message
Tap and hold on a message and here comes the option to star it. Like this you can save that message. 
Export Chat
WhatsApp gave you the option to export chat. WhatsApp提示和技巧

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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

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