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Christmas Tree in Europe

23 October 2020 ❤ 1
Christmas Tree in Europe

The largest Christmas tree in Europe is the Lisbon Christmas tree. This is actually an artificial Christmas tree. This tree is erected annually in Lisbon. This tree is known as Europe’s tallest tree. Its height is approximately 76 meters. Traditionally every year when Christmas came everybody tries to decorate a tree. The evergreen tree is used like pine or fir. People try to decorate these trees with lights and other ornaments. In 2020 the most favorable colors that everybody is thinking about are white, grey, and beige. These warm tone colors are considered as the one that gives you peace. Try to decorate your tree with all those ornaments that make them look more beautiful. 歐洲的聖誕樹 歐洲最大的聖誕樹是里斯本聖誕樹。這實際上是一棵人造聖誕樹。每年在里斯本豎起這棵樹。這棵樹被稱為歐洲最高的樹。它的高度約為76米。 傳統上,每年聖誕節來臨的時候,每個人都試圖裝飾一棵樹。常綠喬木用於松樹或冷杉。人們試圖用燈光和其他裝飾品裝飾這些樹。 2020年,每個人都在考慮的最有利的顏色是白色,灰色和米色。這些暖色調被認為是給您帶來寧靜的一種。 嘗試用所有使其看起來更漂亮的裝飾品來裝飾樹。 https://homediy.co/christmas-trends/

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