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Han dynasty

24 November 2020 ❤ 1
Han dynasty

Dynasties are one of the most prominent things in Chinese culture. The Han dynasty is one of the marvelous dynasties after the Zhou Dynasty. The inhabitants of the Han dynasty conquered the dynasty of Qin, and what we call Chinese today is actually the Han dynasty. In Chinese, the word “Han”, means which is ethically and originally Chinese. The founder of this dynasty is Liu bling. But the man who changed the history of the Han dynasty was the “Gaozu”. He fought against the ruthless policies of the Qin dynasty. The Han Dynasty also copied the structure of the Qin Dynasty but valued modern ideologies, virtue, and piety, and therefore this dynasty lasted way longer until the throne was captured by Wang Mang.  漢 王朝是中國文化中最突出的事物之一。漢代是自周朝以來的輝煌朝代之一。漢王朝征服了秦王朝,今天我們所說的中國人實際上就是漢王朝。在中文中,“漢”一詞在倫理上和本來就是中文。這個王朝的創始人是劉炳。但是,改變漢代歷史的人是“高祖”。他反對秦朝的殘酷政策。漢朝也複製了秦朝的結構,但重視現代意識形態,美德和虔誠,因此這一王朝持續了更長的時間,直到王Man被王位佔領為止。 https://www.britannica.com/topic/Han-dynasty

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