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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has 32 more Covid-19 cases

02 February 2022 ❤ 2
Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has 32 more Covid-19 cases

China recorded 32 new Covid-19 cases relating to the Beijing Winter Olympics on Tuesday which included 15 that were identified at the airport and 17 inside the “closed loop”.

The Covid protections are the same as those used in the Tokyo Summer Games and require athletes and support staff to be vaccinated and stay within the Olympic bubble, using only specific transport to and from venues.

Tests on athletes, team officials, journalists and Games partners arriving in Beijing have already identified 232 cases.

Of these 163 tested positive at Beijing Capital International Airport and 69 at the Olympic Village, including Hong Kong’s alpine skier Audrey King.

Only 11 individuals who showed symptoms have been hospitalised, and none were  seriously ill.

Extra measures, including increased testing, isolating, contact-tracing and suspension of events, will not be reliant on the number of daily cases, but the risk of transmission within the closed loop.

According to officials, more than 540,000 tests have been carried out since January 23.

周二,中国记录了 32 起与北京冬奥会有关的新 Covid-19 病例,其中包括在机场发现的 15 起和在“闭环”内发现的 17 起。

Covid 保护措施与东京夏季奥运会中使用的保护措施相同,要求运动员和支持人员接种疫苗并留在奥运泡泡内,仅使用特定的交通工具往返场馆。

对抵达北京的运动员、球队官员、记者和奥运会合作伙伴进行的检测已经确定了 232 例病例。


只有 11 名出现症状的人住院治疗,没有人病重。


据官员称,自 1 月 23 日以来,已进行了超过 540,000 次测试。

By F. Aslam

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