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Virus and their Effects

30 December 2020 ❤ 2
Virus and their Effects

Before looking at the Virus and their effects on the body, it is important to know what they are. They are viral particles that are formed by living things such as bacteria and viruses. They are known as viruses due to their ability to replicate themselves. When a virus replicates itself, it grows into anaerobic colonies until it has expanded to a point where it is very large in size. They have various effects on the body depending on the type of virus they have formed. Some viruses affect the healthy cells of the body, while others have the effect of destroying the tissues and cells of the body. Some viruses can multiply within the human body within the lymphatic system without ever making contact with the uninfected cells. Other viruses can infect healthy cells and destroy them before making it to the lymphatic system or other parts of the body. They can invade tissues and enter the blood stream when a person has a compromised immune system and they can be spread through sweat, saliva, rashes and other secretions. Some viruses affect the body by destroying or damaging cells, producing symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, headaches and swelling. There are other types of viruses that only affect certain types of cells, producing fever, diarrhea and general malaise and these include AIDS, Lassa, Epstein-Barr and Swine flu. 在查看病毒及其對身體的影響之前,重要的是要知道它們是什麼。它們是由細菌和病毒等生物形成的病毒顆粒。由於它們具有自我複制的能力,因此被稱為病毒。當病毒自我複制時,它會成長為厭氧菌落,直至其擴展到非常大的程度。根據它們形成的病毒類型,它們對人體有多種作用。 有些病毒會影響人體的健康細胞,而另一些病毒則會破壞人體的組織和細胞。一些病毒可以在淋巴系統內的人體內部繁殖,而不會與未感染的細胞接觸。其他病毒可以感染健康細胞並破壞它們,然後使其進入淋巴系統或身體其他部位。當人的免疫系統受損時,它們可以侵入組織並進入血液,並且可以通過汗液,唾液,皮疹和其他分泌物傳播。一些病毒通過破壞或破壞細胞來影響人體,產生髮燒​​,食慾不振,頭痛和腫脹等症狀。還有其他類型的病毒僅影響某些類型的細胞,從而引起發燒,腹瀉和全身不適,包括艾滋病,拉沙,愛潑斯坦-巴爾和豬流感。在查看病毒及其對人體的影響之前,重要的是知道他們是什麼。它們是由細菌和病毒等生物形成的病毒顆粒。由於它們具有自我複制的能力,因此被稱為病毒。當病毒自我複制時,它會成長為厭氧菌落,直至其擴展到非常大的程度。根據它們形成的病毒類型,它們對人體有多種作用。 有些病毒會影響人體的健康細胞,而另一些病毒則會破壞人體的組織和細胞。一些病毒可以在淋巴系統內的人體內部繁殖,而不會與未感染的細胞接觸。其他病毒可以感染健康細胞並破壞它們,然後使其進入淋巴系統或身體其他部位。當人的免疫系統受損時,它們可以侵入組織並進入血液,並且可以通過汗液,唾液,皮疹和其他分泌物傳播。一些病毒通過破壞或破壞細胞來影響人體,產生髮燒​​,食慾不振,頭痛和腫脹等症狀。還有其他類型的病毒僅影響某些類型的細胞,從而引起發燒,腹瀉和全身不適,其中包括艾滋病,拉薩,愛潑斯坦-巴爾和豬流感。

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Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam orders Covid hamster cull

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Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam orders Covid hamster cull

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