Chinese social media 

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Chinese social media 

Global companies are looking for their chance to step into the Chinese social media. As we know that Chinese have their own browsers and sites for social media and as a densely populated country they are earning great profits through it. In terms of social media China is the most restricted and hence they have developed the brand image of their local social media sites and they restrict the global brands to enter in their country. Chinese own their local platforms similar to Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. Chinese social media platforms are: Sina weibo similar to Twitter 
Tencent Weibo similar to Facebook and Twitter retweeting. 
Peng you 
QQ (Messaging app) 
Douban just like Myspace
Diandian like Tumblr
Youku similar to Youtube 中國社交媒體 跨國公司正在尋找進入中國社交媒體的機會。我們知道,中國人擁有自己的社交媒體瀏覽器和網站,作為一個人口稠密的國家,他們正在從中賺取巨額利潤。在社交媒體方面,中國是最受限制的,因此他們已經在當地社交媒體網站上建立了品牌形象,並且限制了全球品牌進入其國家。中國人擁有類似於Facebook,YouTube和其他社交媒體平台的本地平台。中國社交媒體平台是: 新浪微博類似於Twitter

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Chinese social media 

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