It’s raining in Taoyuan

06 March 2021 ❤ 5
It’s raining in Taoyuan

Today in Taoyuan City it was raining all day, it was even seen on top of the Shimen Reservoir. There are 10 rainfall reservoirs in the area, and they were active until 3 pm today. They said that the total rainfall was 18mm in the Shimen reservoir. But more observing stations had said that it had not increased at all and remained at a  zero mm increase. Whilst only Galahe and Xiayun said it was heavy. 

The thunder and showers continued all throughout the afternoon at the top of the Shimen Reservoir, it was very misty and very rainy.  the North District Water Resources Bureau had stated that the rainfall at the Shimen Resivor was still fairly low, but it has increased from the morning, and during the afternoon it was picking up in pace, this helped the reservoirs water conditions.

The rainfall in the area also helped the flatlands, which are all farmlands that are now irrigated. he Taoyuan Management Office of the Farmland Water Resources Department said that the reservoir will be notified about when to adjust the water supply due to the rain, this should save and help with the irrigation of the water; according to the rice cultivation. 

Due to the decision made by the central Disaster Emergency Response Center for the drought, The Beishui Bureau said that at the present time 4.1 million tons of water will be supplied by the Shimen Reservoir for the first stage of rice in the Tao 3 Irrigation Area. The other water demand will be given to them by nearby ponds and streams according to the Taoyuan Management Office of the Agriculture and Water Department, due to the current storage capacity at the Shimen Reservoir the water supply of 4.1 million tons to the Tao 3 Irrigation District will be done with no problem, especially with the ongoing rainfall. 

By I. Bey


  今天在桃园市,一整天都在下雨,甚至在石门水库的顶部都可以看到。该地区有10个降雨水库,它们一直活动到今天下午3点。他们说,石门水库的总降雨量为18毫米。但是更多的观测站说它根本没有增加,而是保持在零毫米。虽然只有Galahe和Xiayun表示它很重。 在整个石门水库的顶部,整个下午一直持续有雷雨。北区水利局曾表示,石门水库的降雨量仍然很低,但是从早上开始一直在增加,而在下午则有所加快,这有助于水库的水状况。 该地区的降雨也帮助了平地,这些平地现在都是灌溉农田。农田水利部桃园管理处说,由于雨水的缘故,将通知水库何时调整供水,这样可以节省水,并有助于灌溉。根据水稻种植。 北水局表示,根据中央灾害应急中心关于干旱的决定,目前,石门水库将为Tao三灌区第一期水稻供应410万吨水。根据农业和水利部桃园管理处的说法,附近的池塘和溪流将满足其他用水需求,因为目前石门水库的蓄水量为陶三灌区的供水量为410万吨。不会有任何问题,特别是在持续降雨的情况下。 由I.Bey

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