Famous software companies in China

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Famous software companies in China

China is the world’s leading exporter and along with the other items it is also very famous for its shoe manufacturing. Chinese footwear industri its shoe industry. Chinese footwear is flourishing not only domestically but globally as well. Due tot heri supreme quality products, effective policies Chinese footwear is a leading country. Despite the major competition, China is continuously competing with such brands and hence they are having a major market share due to their exports. The top shoe manufacturers in China are: Belle International Holdings Limited
Daphne International Holdings Limited 
Red Dragonfly
Yue Yuen Industrial Limited 
Spider King
Camel Apparel Ltd.  中國著名軟件公司 中國是世界上最大的出口國,與其他產品一起,中國也以製鞋業而聞名。中國製鞋業的製鞋業。中國鞋業不僅在國內蓬勃發展,而且在全球範圍內也蓬勃發展。由於擁有最高品質的產品,有效的政策使中國鞋類成為領先國家。儘管競爭激烈,中國仍在與此類品牌競爭,因此由於其出口,它們在市場上佔有主要份額。中國頂級的鞋類製造商是: 百麗國際控股有限公司

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