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Pakistan and china are separated with 592 kilometer (368 miles) long border. And Pakistan is considered to be the one of the closest regional friend of china. As being friend they both have been helping each other in trading, operating business and opening joint ventures. The most highly reputed business among Pakistan and china had been the conduct of JF 17 thunder, which was a joint venture of a plane that was made and assembled with the help of both of the country. JF 17 thunder is a light weight, single engine craft that is used for ground attacks, interception, aerial reconnaissance, and anti-ships. The word JF-17 stands for joint fighter as it was made with the collaboration of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. The best thing about the jf-17 thunder is that it’s cost it half of the price of f-16 price and now it is the backbone of the Pakistani army. It is believed that 25 of the JF-17 thunder could be made per year, which would not only help Pakistan but china as well. And in the mid of December’20 Argentina also showed interest in buying jf17 thunder in future.   巴基斯坦和中国相隔592公里(368英里)长的边界。巴基斯坦被认为是中国最亲密的地区朋友之一。作为朋友,他们俩在贸易,经营业务和开设合资企业方面一直互相帮助。在巴基斯坦和中国,最负盛名的业务是JF 17雷电的举动,这是在两国的帮助下制造和组装的飞机的合资企业。 JF 17雷电是一种轻型单引擎飞机,用于地面攻击,拦截,空中侦察和反舰。 JF-17一词代表联合战斗机,它是由巴基斯坦航空综合体和成都飞机公司合作制造的。 jf-17雷声最好的地方是它的价格仅为f-16价格的一半,现在它已成为巴基斯坦军队的骨干力量。据信,每年可以制造25架JF-17雷电,这不仅对巴基斯坦有帮助,对中国也有帮助。在20年12月中旬,阿根廷也表示有兴趣在未来购买jf17雷电。

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