How to draw a Cat?

09 October 2020 ❤ 2
How to draw a Cat?

Here I will show you these few easy steps to draw a cat. Many beginners are finding it very difficult to sketch it but trust me it not that rocket science that you are unable to draw. Just follow these points and you will be able to draw a cat.
•    First draw an oval or circular shape for its head. It might be triangular.
•    Now draw two triangles to create its ears and one for its nose.
•    Now you are almost done with the face of your cat.
•    Now draw the whiskers.
•    Like all, it’s time to draw your cat’s feet.
•    You are done.
See how easy it is to draw a cat.  ------ 如何畫貓?

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How to draw a Cat?

This is a great tutorial for anyone looking to learn how to draw a cat!

By Logan Thomas, 09 Aug 23


I totally agree but the things is every industry was affected, even some of the food shops also had to stop their operation and had to sell their business.

By hussain, 26 Jan 21