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What are instant noodles made up of?

21 November 2020 ❤ 1
What are instant noodles made up of?

The style and production of instant noodles have not evolved since its invention. The noodles were invented by the unsuccessful businessman Momofuku Ando, the invention of noodles made him rich. The production of the noodles takes place in three traditional steps:
The dough is rolled and noodles are cut.
Then the cut noodles are dried and fried to evaporate all the moisture. 
The fried noodles are dried again and are packed.
The taste maker is made up by the simple mixing of ingredients.
Another aspect of the noodles is “Garnishing”. Garnishes make the taste of the noodles very yummy and make them healthy as well. To make garnishers more long lasting they are preserved by the following methods: Hot air
Vacuum freezing
Microwave heat
Retort 方便麵是什麼組成的? 自發明以來,方便麵的樣式和生產從未發生變化。麵條是由失敗的商人安藤百福發明的,麵條的發明使他變得富有。麵條的生產分三個傳統步驟進行:
麵條的另一個方面是“裝飾”。裝飾物使麵條的味道非常好吃,也使它們健康。為了使裝飾工更持久,可以通過以下方法將其保存: 熱空氣

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