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The 35th-anniversary surprise from Super Mario Bros

27 February 2021 ❤ 3
The 35th-anniversary surprise from Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros, has been a big part of our lives, the giant franchise has made its mark all around the world, and has been part of countless childhoods both past and present and hopefully in the future too. Their amazing games such as Super Mario Bros, Mario Cart and Mario party are so cleverly thought out, and fun, which makes them perfect fro the whole family, no one can hate Mario. 

That means in order to celebrate The famous franchises 35th-anniversary, it has decided to broaden its horizons, and expand its market, to the well known and well-loved Animal Crossing world. Animal Crossing has emerged in that past few years and has become a world-famous game, it is addicting, adorable, fun and can be seen as a stress reliever. Now thanks to Super Mario Bros many Animal Crossing fans will be able to see, use and buy Mario-themed items in the game and especially the famous Warp Pipes. 

The Warp Pipes will allow the user of the game to make it much easier to travel and teleport across the map, similar to how they are used in the loved Mario universe. Although these new items are an amazing revelation by Nintendo they will come at a price. One Warp pipes will cost you 5,000 Bells and you will be able to purchase them from the Nook Stop Terminal at your Community Centre. In addition, one warp pipe is useless so you will need to purchase at least two, which will increase the price to 10,000 Bells.

This news is amazing but all the fun doesn’t just stop there, there are more than one new surprises. If you are able to purchase more than a few Warp pipes and place them randomly around your map, then when you enter one it will lead you to a pipe of its choice, this does indeed mean that you will be able to have more than one pipe on a map! This is so exciting!

All these amazing new add-ones will be available around the world on the 1st of March. 

By I. Bey   超级马里奥兄弟(Super Mario Bros)一直是我们生活中的重要组成部分,这一庞大的特许经营权已在全球范围内声名远播,并且成为过去和现在以及未来希望的无数童年的一部分。他们精心设计了超级马里奥兄弟(Super Mario Bros),马里奥购物车(Mario Cart)和马里奥派对(Mario Party)等出色的游戏,充满乐趣,这使它们成为整个家庭的完美伴侣,没人能恨马里奥(Mario)。 这意味着为了庆祝著名的特许经营店成立35周年,它已决定将视野开阔,并扩大其市场,以知名和备受喜爱的动物穿越世界。 《动物穿越》在过去的几年中崭露头角,并已成为举世闻名的游戏,它令人上瘾,可爱,有趣,可以被视为缓解压力的工具。现在,由于有了《超级马里奥兄弟》,许多动物穿越迷们都可以在游戏中看到,使用和购买以马里奥为主题的物品,尤其是著名的经管。 扭曲管道将使游戏的用户可以更轻松地在地图上旅行和传送,类似于在喜爱的Mario宇宙中使用它们的方式。尽管这些新产品是任天堂的一个令人惊讶的启示,但它们将付出一定的代价。一根经线将花费您5,000铃,您可以从社区中心的Nook Stop终端购买它们。此外,一根经线是无用的,因此您将需要至少购买两根经线管,这将使价格提高到10,000贝尔。 这个消息真是令人惊奇,但所有的乐趣并不仅止于此,还有更多的新惊喜。如果您能够购买多个Warp管道并将它们随机放置在地图上,那么当您输入一个Warp管道时,它将引导您选择其选择的管道,这的确意味着您将可以拥有多个管道在地图上!太刺激了! 所有这些令人惊叹的新附加产品将于3月1日在全球上市。 由I.Bey

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