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China's Tencent reinstates Fight Club ending after backlash

09 February 2022 ❤ 2
China's Tencent reinstates Fight Club ending after backlash

Chinese streaming giant Tencent has put back the original ending of a Hollywood movie after a censored version last month sparked outcry. The original ending to the 1999 film Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt, shows scenes of explosions and fighting. However China's version simply showed a message on screen saying the authorities won and saved the day. The change provoked intense debate about cinematic censorship in China. The latest version on Tencent reportedly reinstates about 11 of the 12 minutes that were cut. According to news site SCMP, the scenes still missing are those featuring nudity. The cult classic - directed by David Fincher - stars Edward Norton as the narrator and Brad Pitt as his imaginary alter ego, Tyler Durden. The film's original finale shows Norton's character killing his alter ego, before bombs destroy buildings in a  plot to reorder society. China's version of the film, which was only released last month, deleted all those scenes, and instead explained that the police solved the plot, arrested the criminals and sent Durden to a "lunatic asylum". "Through the clue provided by Tyler, the police rapidly figured out the whole plan and arrested all criminals, successfully preventing the bomb from exploding," it said. The censored ending was ridiculed online and criticised by both human rights groups and Chinese viewers who had previously seen unofficial versions of the original. 在上个月的审查版本引发强烈抗议后,中国流媒体巨头腾讯推迟了好莱坞电影的原始结局。 布拉德皮特主演的 1999 年电影《搏击俱乐部》的原始结局展示了爆炸和战斗的场景。然而,中国版本只是在屏幕上显示一条消息,称当局获胜并挽救了局面。 这一变化在中国引发了关于电影审查的激烈争论。 据报道,腾讯的最新版本恢复了被删减的 12 分钟中的大约 11 分钟。据新闻网站《南华早报》报道,仍然缺少的场景是那些以裸体为特色的场景。 这部由大卫芬奇执导的邪典经典影片由爱德华诺顿担任旁白,布拉德皮特饰演他想象中的另一个自我泰勒德登。 这部电影的原始结局显示诺顿的角色杀死了他的另一个自我,然后炸弹摧毁了建筑物,以重新安排社会。 上个月才上映的中国版电影删掉了所有这些场景,而是解释说警方破获了剧情,逮捕了罪犯,并将德登送进了“疯人院”。 “通过泰勒提供的线索,警方迅速摸清了整个计划,逮捕了所有罪犯,成功阻止了炸弹爆炸,”它说。 审查后的结局在网上遭到了人权组织和之前看过非官方版本原著的中国观众的嘲笑和批评。 By F.Aslam

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